Full makeup and comprehensive hairdressing

The workshop, regardless of the level of prior knowledge, learn all about the different types and styles of makeup and use, as well as related cuts, hairstyles and other applications to the hair, for women and men, and within these genres, children - girls, adolescents and youth.

With a duration of three months, the workshop sessions will be held twice a week on consecutive days, which will allow students to develop the necessary competencies (knowledge, know-how, knowing how to be and how to live) to receive the Integral Certificate Makeup and Hairstyling course, supported by ACT and the National Center for Cultural accrediting them as makeup artists and hairdressers whole.

The teachers who taught the workshop, has a high professional level and accumulated years of experience in hair and makeup.

After the workshop, a practical graduation event is performed, in which the workshop will demonstrate the skills acquired and recognitions will be awarded to outstanding students, which include: a Grand Prix and several mentions.

Frequency realization: Annual
Call: currently open
Requirements: more than 18 years. Present Identity Card.
Length: three months (December 2015 - January-February 2016).
Frequency classes: Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
Investment: Makeup 300 CUP. Barber 300 CUP. Payment is made at the time of enrollment and those interested can enroll in both or just one of the specialties, according to their interest.
Certification is granted: Integral Course Certificate Makeup and Hair, which certifies as makeup artist and / or hairdresser (a) s, supported by ACT and the National Center for Cultural.
Address for registration: Department of Human Resources TAKE ACTION: J Street No. 458 (high) between 21 and 23. El Vedado, Revolution Square, Havana.