Models of the ACTUAR Agency parade with costumes from Las Parrandas de Remedios and Camajuaní in the Carnival of Havana 2017

 Alex Ordaz Zayas   28/08/2017

A selection of models of the ACTUAR Agency was present in the festivities for the Carnival of Havana 2017, which yesterday night closed its activities along a segment of Avenida Malecón. During two consecutive weekends to the sound of the cannon of the 9, the attending public could appreciate the exhibition of 40 costumes, allegorical to historical, classic, fantasy subjects, French cuts, African passages and Aztecs. This set of changing rooms is a representation of Las Parrandas de Remedios and Camajuaní, traditional parties from the central province of Villa Clara. In this edition were incorporated other costumes with Hindu elements, as well as other very curious, accompanied all to the rhythm of the song that identifies the World Festival of Youth and Students.

The designers Juan Carlos Morales Mujica, Jorge Pérez Marín and Osmany Cubilla are the creators of these creations, elaborated by a team of specialists who with ingenuity and dedication give life to suits with a surprising finish and majesty that could well compete in international stages.

In dialogue with them at the end of their presentation, they expressed the pleasure of being able to work with professional models because it is very comfortable since any wardrobe fits your size and bring elegance and dynamism to each piece. In addition, it is not the first time that they perform this activity with ACTUAR since in 2016 they started this symbiosis of work very satisfactory for both parties.