The Los Clásicos grouping recorded Das More of the Cuban Television program in Hispanic-American Center of Culture

 Alex Ordaz Zayas         1/09/2017
The Los Clásicos grouping belonging to the artistic catalog of the Artistic Agency of Performing Arts "ACTUAR" recorded the program "Das Más" of the Cuban Television in the Hispanic-American Center of Culture. This young cast, formed in 2012, is composed of lyrical vocational singers like the sopranos Marla Pileta Álvarez and Cristina Rodríguez, the tenors Giraldo Carmenate Isaguirre, Rey Reyes Bravo and Henry Falcón Rivero, the baritone Ian Sánchez Guerra and the countertenor Yoel Lázaro Costa Pazos with accompanying pianist Vilma Garriga Comas. The music director in charge is Denisse Falcón Lay, the artistic producer Ángel Gil Sánchez, and with the general direction of Luis Alberto Pérez Pérez.

The premiere of this space for the youth audience, written and directed by Raúl Daniel Rodríguez Solano with the conduction of Alejandro Quintana Morales and Yoan Cabrisas Junco is scheduled for October 18, as a tribute to the Day of Cuban Culture in the Educational Channel .