Interview with the actors Dimas and Jacqui protagonists of the Sociocultural Project The Patio of the Nose and the Zapatones

 Alex Ordaz Zayas 14/06/2017
The artists Jacqueline Garcia Rivero (Havana, 1964) and Osvaldo Dimas Hernández González (Havana, 1961) are two graduated actors of the Theater Diploma Course for Children and Puppets at the Instituto Superior de Arte, ISA 2005. They are members of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba UNEAC since 2012. Members of the catalog of excellence of the ACTUAR Agency with professional performances as actors, clowns, puppeteers, musical comedians, screenwriters and even artisans.

Directors of the Sociocultural Project El Patio de los Narizotas y Zapatones located on Calle Cuarta No B between Calzada de Bejucal and A, Poey Reparto Arroyo Naranjo Municipality, Popular Poey Council, Havana, Cuba
Alex - When did the Project El Patio de las Narizotas y los Zapatones?

Dimas - Our Project was born on March 20, 2000, so it is already 17 years old. At first it was baptized with the name La Terraza de los Narizotas y Zapatas, but the Project consolidates, grows and due to the need of space we put the patio of the house with all the technical conditions and on March 15, 2011 we rename it with the name The Courtyard of the Nose and the Zapatones, with a great party of clowns. In it participated all the age groups of the community, as well as personalities of our municipality.

Alex - What is the purpose of the Project?

Jacqui - This project of artistic creation has the purpose of being, to spread and to foment our proposal in the noble commitment to carry out actions related to the improvement of the patriotic, cultural, ethical and esthetic values, through the different artistic manifestations in the children , girls, youth and the elderly in our community. In this way, we achieve that our acting performance contagious to other creators and that they join in the effort.

From 2011 onwards, the Project unceasingly assumes the moral commitment to bring our art, solidarity and love to the children and families who are hospitalized in the Hospital Materno Infantil Dr. Angel Arturo Aballí Arellanos, in this special task of Clown Therapists. For this action since 2015 we have received to date the Special Recognition of the management of the hospital. In this year 2017 ACTUAR Artistic Agency of Performing Arts received a Special Recognition from the hospital management for the support it gives to the Project in carrying out this activity.

In addition, it has succeeded in inserting children and young people with artistic and creative needs.
Alex - What other actions have you done in the Project?

Dimas - The Project in 2014 becomes a collaborator of the National Center for Overcoming Culture, in coordination with the National Council of Performing Arts, contributing to the Technical-Artistic Excellence of the artists members of the Clowns Circle Edwin Fernández, de Artistic Companies and of Circuba since we give in the Project courses, workshops, conferences and talks. For this contribution the Patio de las Narizotas y Zapatones in 2015 received a thanks from the National Council of Performing Arts. Also that same year the National Circus of Cuba granted a Special Recognition to the Project and we were given a Star for the contribution to the Technical-Artistic Survival of the clowns in the 7th. Edition of the International Contest of Clowns Edwin Fernández in Memoriam, where we were jury of the Contest that year.
Alex - I know of the personal relationship you have with the actress Nilda Collado Díaz, what does it represent for you?

Jacqui - We are honored to have Nilda Collado Díaz, National Television Award for all your attention and collaboration with us. Likewise, it has been very useful to learn from all his artistic experiences. That is why in 2012 Nilda assumes the advice of the Project, which leads to new actions such as the creation of a museum where the costumes and makeup that used the actor Edwin Fernández when he played the clown Trompoloco, as well as pictures , books and documents that belonged to him. Among other pieces we treasure is the costume of the Nasty clowns, a character who represented Nilda. Being the conservatives and promoters of the legacy of the clown icon of the children of Cuba and for the new generations is a great responsibility and pride.

Nilda also participates with us in the actions carried out by the Project in schools, hospitals and in educational centers for special education. In 2013 at the headquarters of UNEAC she gave the project the plaque of the Circus Las Tachuelas of the Chilean Circus. We are currently working with her at the Aquarium of freshwater fish of the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana.
Alex - Do you interact with other projects?

Jacqui - Yes, the interaction with other projects is of the utmost importance because we learn from their experiences and they in turn from us, with the sole objective of uniting us, to know each other from our spaces with its variety of cultural discourses. Every community is a world and that we must rescue, cultivate and promote it to know Cuba from within and save the soul of our nation.

Dimas - Examples of those Cultural Projects that have interacted with us are: Kcho Community Project Estudio Romerillo; Laboratory for art, Matanzas Snack Project, Arcos Culture Project, Pastor's Box Community Project, Sea Foam Community Project, Heart to Heart Project, José Fowler Project, Atrapasueños Community Project, among others. In January of 2017 visited the headquarters of the Patio of the Narizotas and the Zapatones the first international group The Trotamundos. They belong to the Danny Rivera Foundation of Puerto Rico. It was an unforgettable experience where we could visit schools, nursing homes and hospitals. In addition, a Solidarity Contest was held with Puerto Rico, "Only love begets the wonder" at our headquarters, and awarded in April 2017.
Alex - What are the future plans and commitments?

Jacqui - Continue to contribute to the improvement of the spiritual life, to the creation of constructive proposals that allow a harmony in the community. Continuing to work from our trench and as the leader of the Cuban revolution expressed, Culture is to cultivate, is to sow in youth and in a town its best ideas.