CUBAVISIÓN INTERNACIONAL television station will air shows aimed at promoting the 2016 ACTUAR Sessions.

Eight of these shows will zero in on boldface names from culture that will be recognized with the ACTUAR Lifetime Achievement Award in upcoming sessions, slated for next July. The remaining two other shows will bring extensive coverage of the event. This programming order will allow for airing the first eight shows before broadcasting the event live on the other two shows.

Each show will focus on two personalities, among actors and actresses, to be recognized, as well as other boldface names from culture that have made their careers on the radio, since this year’s sessions will be devoted to The Magic of Radio.

Actors and actresses starring in the shows are: Eslinda Nuñez and Mario Balmaseda, Verónica Lynn and Aramís Delgado, Martha del Río and Ofelia Nuñez, Norberto Blanco and Nilda Collado, Frank González and Odalys Fuentes, as well as Miriam Mier. The radio-related personalities are: Josefa Brasero, Ada Sánchez, Raquel González and Jorge Luis Frías Armenteros.

This program has already stirred up great expectations among the followers of our actors and actresses, as well as from our TV audience and the general public.